Call for People to join the Belgian team

Ever wanted to join the Devox4Kids organization?

The Devoxx4Kids Belgian team is looking for a native flemish volunteer to help expanding Devoxx4Kids initiative in Flanders.

Why ?

Today, Devoxx4Kids has mainly 4 events in Belgium

  • Kortrijk
  • Namur
  • Liège
  • Arlon

We need to offer more opportunities to Flemish children in Brussels and Flanders to enjoy the fun of IT.


You role will be to help and participate in discussions with existing contacts in Belgium: Flemish/Belgian Government, Flemish Schools, Flemish City Administrations, Flemish organizations and local groups in Flanders (willing to organize D4K events in their region) in order to find more locations in Flanders where local children can experience the fun of IT.


Questions, Contact?

Don’t hesitate to contact us : info<at>    mentioning: Join Devox4Kids Team in Belgium

About Daniel De Luca

Worldwide manager of the Devoxx4Kids Initiative, co-organizer of Devoxx4Kids in Belgium, Steering member of Devoxx (BE), Steering Member of BeJUG, JavaSE/EE Developer, Architect, Freelance. @danieldeluca