About us

This association is a scientific educational association whose objective is to teach young motivated kids modern languages (French, English and Germany) through fun activities using new technologies (Robotics, computer software, 3D design, mobile applications, …).

The idea of creating this association was the result of a certain behavior that we are seeing in our children who use a lot of technology at home (smartphone, tablet, Iphone, Ipad or computer) to play or chat .


So, We started for many reasons:


– We wanted to show our own kids that it’s possible to do some more creative things with computers than just watch YouTube videos or put comments on Facebook

– We wanted to show the community that it is possible to teach children to communicate modern languages through their computer creations even if their ages are between 7 and 10.

– We wanted to show that all of this can be done in a funny way.

– We wanted to present a prototype of the desired school in Tunisia.


The association has signed a partnership with the Lycée Maupertuis in Saint Malo for cultural exchange between the two organizations. Indeed, the association has worked on many projects since its birth. The current project is entitled “towards the innovation of our education” which is a project in cooperation with the Lycée Maupertuis and which is based on robotic programming . We visited the high school as part of a cultural exchange.

Our association represents Tunisia in the international organization DEVOXX4KIDS (robotics, code, editing, …)

Our association is a partner in the Etwinning project in different projects that motivate students to create and communicate with students from other countries.