Devoxx4Kids in Tunisia

Consequently, FIRST SKILLS CLUB organized two Devoxx4Kids events.

The first one was held on the 19th of October, 2016 and was dedicated to Dr. Nabiha Jerad, who is a brave Tunisian woman who encouraged and empowered the Tunisian Youth when she was alive. This event took place in Kerkennah Island, a Tunisian island where youth often don’t get the chance to explore modern Technology tools.

And, with more than 12 workshops animated by the FSC coaches and mentors, more than 40 Tunisian learners aged between 12 and 17 years old got an introduction to robots (NXT, EV3 and Alpha 1s), mobile app development, and coding.

Added to that, these participants had a chance to ameliorate their speech and communication skills as they pitched their projects at the end of the event.

For the second Devoxx4Kids event, we chose to celebrate the Tunisian Independence Day in a special way. That’s why we organized, on the 20th of Mach 2017, a Devoxx4Kids event named “Robotics Day” in El Becha Primary School, situated in Sfax, Tunisia. During this special opportunity, the FSC staff members sensitized the young learners, showing them many ways to address community issues with cutting-edge technology.