Devoxx4Kids Caribbean visited the Devoxx4Kids Liège event in Belgium on January 31st 2015

I had a fantastic time at Devoxx4Kids Liège. I met some nice and friendly volunteers there. Very dedicated and with much enthusiasm in teaching the children of Région Walloon.
The children were introduced to “NAO” the robot. One of the most sophisticated intelligent robots at the moment. Every child had the opportunity to program NAO so that it could perform a specific task. Here you can see NAO which has been programmed to get up from a sitting position, to stand up and walk towards one of the children. In the walking process it is keeping track of the child’s movement and adapting its trajectory. COOL stuff was happening!!



NAO robot – Devoxx4Kids Caribbean visited Devoxx4Kids Liège Belgium from Devoxx4Kids Curacao on Vimeo.

NAO robot was programmed by a child at Liège. The robot was programmed to stand up and walk towards the child. In the process of walking NAO was tracking the child’s movement and changing its trajectory

Devoxx4Kids Caribbean visited Devoxx4Kids Liège Belgium.