The caribbean region consists of different islands (countries) and they are grouped in Upper Antilles and Lesser Antilles.

We are looking forward to welcome teams from all of these island, so that we can build together on the future of this region.



Caribbean map. (source image: website CIA / Wikipedia)

Caribbean map. (source image: website CIA / Wikipedia)


The spoken languages in the Caribbean are English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Papiamentu.

  • Anguila [english]
  • Antigua and Barbuda [english]
  • Aruba [papiamento / dutch]
  • Bahamas [english]
  • Barbados [english]
  • Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) [papiamentu / dutch]
  • British Virgin Islands [english]
  • Cayman Islands [english]
  • Cuba [spanish]
  • Curacao [papiamentu]
  • Dominica [english]
  • Dominican Republic [spanish]
  • Guadeloupe [french]
  • Martinique [french]
  • Montserrat [english]
  • Saint Barthelemy [french]
  • Saint Martin (French Sint Maarten) [french]
  • Sint Maarten (Dutch Sint Maarten) [english]
  • Grenada [english]
  • Haiti [french / haitian creole]
  • Jamaica [english]
  • Saba (Dutch Caribbean) [english / dutch]
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis [english]
  • Saint Lucia [english]
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [english]
  • Sint Eustatius (Dutch Caribbean) [english / dutch]
  • Trinidad and Tobago [english]
  • Turks and Caicos Islands [english]
  • Puerto Rico [spanish / english]
  • United States Virgin Islands [english]