Welcome to Devoxx4Kids USA!


Devoxx4Kids USA is a Non Profit and 501(c)(3) Organization. This is a USA chapter of Devoxx4Kids and its goal is to introduce school kids to programming, robotics and engineering in a fun way. This is achieved by organizing sessions where children can develop computer games, program robots and also have an introduction to electronics.

If you wonder what would a Devoxx4Kids event look like then a video is worth a thousand words.

San Francisco Bay Area chapter has organized a few workshops so far, and organizing a lot more. All these fun workshops are very entertaining, educational, and enriching for kids as well as parents, and inspirational for everybody.

Disclaimer: You are encouraged to run workshops using Devoxx4Kids material throughout the USA. However you are fully responsible for any legal and tax implications, safety and security of the instructors, attendees, and volunteers, and any other means. You must adhere to the local laws for safety and security of all. Anybody involved in organizing activities in the their region must conform to this. We are working to define a formal structure and governance, stay tuned for details.

Attend a workshop ? Register at meetup.com/Devoxx4Kids-BayArea.

Deliver a workshop ? Leave a comment on the blog and we’ll reach out to you.

Sponsor a workshop ? We are a Non Profit Organization and an approved 501c(3) organization. Your donations help us provide a more enriching experience to a much wider set of kids. Laptops, venue for hosting, snacks, schwags, mentors, volunteers, and any other help is appreciated.

Start a local chapter in USA ? Read this for what it takes to start a chapter, drop a comment on this page, and we’ll help you.