What do we do ?

Devoxx4Kids USA is a Non Profit and 501(c)(3) Organization. The goal is to introduce school kids to programming, robotics and engineering in a fun way. This is achieved by defining workshops on different topics that will be taught to school kids through out the USA.

  • These workshops will engage kids and their parents in self-paced workshops where they will be able to learn the concepts in a hands-on manner.
  • The instructors of the organization will either learn the skills required to deliver the workshop themselves or seek volunteers to deliver these workshops. The members of the organization work through usual networking channels and encourage like-minded people to open chapters in other cities of the USA.
  • Based upon personal knowledge and experience of different members in the organization, either gained or acquired, the organization will also conduct seminars to inspire kids on different topics related to technology.
  • The organization will also attempt to talk to school authorities and try to influence the academic curriculum and incorporate more computer science there.
  • The organization will also work with different hi-tech companies and help them educate school kids on their technologies.
  • The organization will also work other organizations that share similar purpose and promote sharing of material.