Volunteer Code of Conduct

Be Inspiring


The goal of Devoxx4Kids is to spark children’s imagination of what is possible with STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).  It is our responsibility as volunteers to ensure that the events we run strive towards this goal by making sure that attendees have fun and want to learn more.


Be Inclusive


Kids from all backgrounds, race, and gender should be welcome at Devoxx4Kids.  Currently many groups of people are underrepresented in computer science and engineering especially women and people from low income families.  Devoxx4Kids events should provide an environment that enable inspiration and learning regardless of who they are.


Be Safe

Devoxx4Kids events involve electricity, robotics, computers and other hardware.  For many attendees this may be their first time handling such equipment.  Be sure to provide detailed safety instructions prior to distributing equipment to attendees.  Take time to monitor the room to verify instructions are being properly followed.  Failure to comply with safety instructions is grounds for immediate removal for attendees.


Be Collaborative

Volunteers should encourage collaboration among attendees.  Much of what we do in industry are done in groups of 2, 4, or more people. It’s important to get this point through to kids early to break stereotypes about programming and engineering being an anti-social activity.  Kids should be encouraged to help each other when they get stuck.  Volunteers should recognize students who help others.

Be Understanding

The workshops will engage some kids more than others.  Some kids are going to have a better grasp of the material coming into the class.  It’s important to recognize that kids may be at different places intellectually.  Volunteers should make a best effort to accommodate kids who may be falling behind.  First by seeking help from kids around them and perhaps setting alternative learning goals for the class for that student.  All students can have success in the program if we are willing to meet them where they are.

Be Responsible

It’s of the highest importance that Devoxx4Kids volunteers create an environment that is safe for both attendees and volunteers.  Volunteers and organizers should follow local laws regarding their interactions with kids.  Any incidences of child abuse at Devoxx4Kids events must be reported to the local authorities.  Volunteers should not be alone with attendees at any time and always in groups.  All rooms with attendees present must have at least 2 volunteers at all times.  All attendees must have a guardian sign them in to the event and sign the event waiver.  Organizers should also be selective with volunteers to ensure that those indirectly involved with working with the kids are up to the task of working with kids.  Organizers must complete a background check.  If issues arise at an event with interactions between attendees or guardians of attendees that violate our code of conduct parties should understand that this will result in their immediate removal from the event.