RaspberryPi Gaming 4 Kids

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer designed specifically for teaching programming in schools. We will be using it in this session to explore basic programming concepts in the context of a simple computer game. Students will get a chance to assemble a mini computer from scratch, learn to use the command line to compile and execute programs, and to make small enhancements to an existing program. Raspberry Pi hardware will be supplied for use during the lab; however, you are encouraged to bring your own device that you can use at home after the lab to continue exploring and learning.

All hardware and software will be provided.

Recommended Age: 10-14 years

Older kids will find it beneficial if they’ve never played with Raspberry Pi earlier.


• Please make sure to bring a water bottle/snacks for the attendees.

• Parents are required to stay at the facility for the entire duration of the workspace and may observe from back of the room. There is wifi at the venue and so you may consider bringing your favorite device(s) to stay connected.