Help us

There are several ways to help Devoxx4Kids USA:

  • Sponsorship: We have $0 administrative cost. 100% of the money is used for providing service to kids. You can provide sponsorships of different types:
    • Money: Work with under privileged community and donate computers and accessories to them. With enough money, possibly help them build infrastructure as well.
    • Give aways: Tshirts, hats, beanies, hoodies, stickers, pens, stress balls, playing cards, any thing else.
    • Snacks for the workshop attendees
    • Hardware: Older laptops, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LEGO EV3, any thing else.
    • Volunteer to drive a workshop
    • Sponsor our membership ($72/6 months) or Hackerdojo membership ($1500/year)
  • Host an event: Be a host of Devoxx4Kids event at your work place. Our events are typically on weekends and require about 15 – 50 kids in a classroom/round table seating, with power strip. Some workshops may require Internet connection.
  • Be an instructor: We are always looking for instructors on different topics. HTML programming, web applications, any programming language, Android, iOS, Internet of Things, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, anything at all.
  • Create new workshops for content that does not already exist.
  • Open a local chapter any where in the USA and join us
  • Spread the word