Scratch Workshop #devoxx4kidsSATL Workshop #2

The day began with new faces and new interest!  Students, teachers, and parents from the surrounding area gathered to share the experience and were energized to know that that they can all go away from the experience and continue the learning.

Throughout the workshop, changes were made that that allowed for those attending to help each other out and collaborate about the steps that each was taking to create and make their own sprites and move them side to side and up and down.

As everyone continued to progress, sound was added to animate the sprites and react to prompts that would eventually become the final game in the form of a maze.  It was wonderful to experience students of all ages helping each other create and share ideas to enhance their own projects.

The time ran quickly at the workshop and attendees left with a greater understanding of how programming works, what scripts can do, and how commands can manipulate a program by working in the background to make the process become enhanced through creative ideas that have the potential to become a reality. This is so much like life. If you want something to happen you have to act and be clear on what it is you want to happen and how it needs to happen in the given situation.