ING Belgium donation to Devoxx4Kids NPO

Last weekend (Nov 18th 2023), I attended another fantastic Devoxx4Kids event organized by ING Belgium Employees.

This time, the event hosted 200 children aged from 7 to 14 years old. What a challenge for the team!

Children were able to discover the world of programming, robotics and cybersecurity while having fun at #Devoxx4Kids@ING.

This was a blast. Great interaction with children, great ideas from them during the different workshops. What a day! You can really see stars in their eyes when they succeed in developing an interaction with an electronic circuit board, a computer, or a robot.

A special kudos to the ING employees for organizing all this. They are wonderful people, you witness friendship, collaboration and implication throughout the day (and days before). I’m so grateful to be able to work with them during those events, they make you feel home, member of the team.

It’s so great to see professionals (like them, me) spending part of their free time introducing technology to children. Giving back to the community is important and we all completely embrace this!

This event was also very special for Devoxx4Kids because we were honored to receive a generous donation of €100,000 from #ING Belgium. What a surprise, a big wave of emotions invaded me, I was speechless. This contribution will enable Devoxx4Kids to continue our mission of raising awareness of technology by acquiring cutting-edge equipment for our future workshops, events and more.

A big thank you to Philippe Wallez, Bahadir Samli, Jorge, Thierry, and the 80 ING Belgium amazing employees who volunteered during the event for their support.

Together we encourage future talents to be in the driver’s seat of tech to build the world of tomorrow.


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About Daniel De Luca

Worldwide manager of the Devoxx4Kids Initiative, co-organizer of Devoxx4Kids in Belgium, Steering member of Devoxx (BE), Steering Member of BeJUG, JavaSE/EE Developer, Architect, Freelance. @danieldeluca