Join Us ?

So you heard about Devoxx4Kids ? And now want to open a local chapter ?

Devoxx4Kids is an effort that promotes computer programming, robotics, and engineering to kids in a fun and engaging way.

This is achieved by organizing hands-on workshops and seminars on topics that would inspire the kids to stay engaged in computer science.

Read also our Manifesto.

Various Workshops

What we usually do during a typical Devoxx4Kids session is introducing children to various aspects of computer programming:

  • Scratch: easy way to develop logic skills in a funny way (programming games)
  • Greenfoot: Next level, after Scratch, where children start to get introduced to concept such as Object Oriented Programming in Java (classes, instances, methods etc)
  • Lego Mindstorms and NAO Humanoid Robot (depending on hardware availability) : Showing that programming skills applies also to robots in order to make them doing specific actions
  • Minecraft modding: Showing to children the possibility to mod their favorite games in Java in order to make it behave differently.
  • Electronics: Using Arduino and/or LittleBits hardware in order to show children that inside computers and robots we do have electronics that can be programmed too.
  • and lot more.

Of course you can decide the type of workshops that you will propose to the children.
We just ask then to share the workshops content materials so other people around the world can reuse them.

Have a look at our workshops materials pages to get more details about them.

What are our requirements to setup a local chapter ?

In order to setup a local Devoxx4Kids chapter, there is the need to :

  • Organize at least one event a year (more if you can do it),  taking videos (interviewing children and parents), taking pictures.
    Note: of course you will have to comply with the local legislation regarding pictures and videos of young children.
  • Share the documentation/trainings you’ve prepared (in an open source mind) with others Devoxx4Kids team,
  • Blog/Tweet about events (with post event impression blog) and provide us with events statistics.
    We can host your local DevoxxKids chapter web site if needed. Example:
  • To be the local point of contact regarding Devoxx4Kids (supporting eventually other local/state initiatives based on your possibilities)

Of course we will support you too, helping you to find sponsors, talking about your initiatives when we promote Devoxx4Kids (@ Devoxx, @ Javaone etc).

How to organize a Devoxx4Kids Event ?

  • Venue: First of all you need to identify a venue where these workshops and lectures can be conducted. Typically these are done on weekend so using a conference room in an office would be tricky. 
  • Instructors: There is plenty of material available from Scratch, Greenfoot, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Minecraft modding, and lot more. You need to identify who in your local community is interested/able to talk/teach any/all of it. Typically, its lot of fun and easy to get the kids started. But identifying local instructors would be key.
  • Event hosting: We host our events using Eventbrite or Meetup. This allows to build a community where they can learn about past and upcoming events. You’ll need to figure out something similar for your local chapter as well.
  • Funding/Sponsors: Be willing to spend some of your own €€/$$ for this good cause. However its always good to reach out to local companies and see if they are willing to sponsor an event – could be just snacks, schwag, hosting, or even €€/$$.
    Talk to us if you need some help here.
  • Social media: Make sure to take lots of pictures, use #Devoxx4Kids to tweet, create a Facebook Page ( community.
    Let us know and we’ll help you promote the workshop. Blog after the event about your impressions.

Best Practices Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation about Devoxx4Kids experiences and best practices.

Video Presentation done by the Devoxx4Kids organisers from Belgium, France and Netherlands where they share their best practices. In addition you’ll also learn which software, hardware and robots work best with teenagers.

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