Attendee Code of Conduct

Be Collaborative

Working with others is one of the most important life skills we teach at Devoxx4Kids.  You should be open to sharing materials and knowledge with those around you.  One of the best ways to master a subject is to be able to explain it to others.  If you’ve learned something interesting share it with the rest of the class.  Ask questions when you don’t understand.


Be Safe

Devoxx4Kids events involve electricity, robotics, computers and other hardware. All of these can be dangerous if not handled carefully.  Always be sure to keep the devices off until the instructor tells you to turn them on and provides safety rules.  Always assume electrical wires are live.  Don’t leave projects unattended especially while the current is flowing.


Be Respectful

Volunteers have put in a lot of time and resources to put on Devoxx4Kids events.  When working with class materials treat them as if they were your own.  Attendees should listen to those presenting instruction and raise their hand to ask questions.  Discussion is encouraged while working on the activities but those discussions should not be so loud that they disturb those around you.


Respect those around you as you will be working with them on activities.  Very likely you’ll be working with people that are different than you.  Bullying or other aggressive behavior toward other attendees or volunteers will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate removal.


A good rule of thumb is if you can’t do it at school you should not be doing it at a Devoxx4Kids event.


Be Involved

If you enjoyed Devoxx4Kids consider getting involved by helping run an event.  Several sessions have been led or co-led by kids just like you.  Share what you’ve learned with other kids and come up with new labs for future events.  Provide feedback to presenters and volunteers to make the sessions better.