FunFest 2014 Sponsorship Package


  • 300+ kids and their parents are expected to join multiple workshops over 2 days. Topics range from RaspberryPi, Arduino, Python, LEGO Mindstorms, Minecraft Modding, Scratch, and much more. Complete details here.
  • Venue is Texas Instruments, Santa Clara. Main conference hall is shown:

    There are 3 other rooms but the biggest attendee gathering will be in this room.

  • An opportunity is available for sponsors to include their name on the electronic flyer and the website.
  • If you sponsor for the year then the name would be included at Sponsors page on the main website. More details about that are available here.If you sponsor for the year, then you get all the benefits for the event as well.
  • Sponsorship money is used as described here.
  • Sponsorship level for the event:
    • $500: Covers the food and snacks for attendees, instructors, and volunteers (name included on the website and electronic flyer)
    • $1000: All benefits of $500 + opportunity to distribute any collateral to parents/attendees (to be handed by D4K volunteers)
    • $2000: All benefits of $1000 + opportunity to setup a booth at the conference venue