Start a new chapter

You are ready to start a new Devoxx4Kids chapter in the USA. What are the next steps?

Make sure you’ve read the following requirements:

Organize a local chapter provide more details about what it takes to start a local chapter.

Disclaimer: You are encouraged to run workshops using Devoxx4Kids material throughout the USA. However you are fully responsible for any legal and tax implications, safety and security of the instructors, attendees, and volunteers, and any other means. You must adhere to the local laws for safety and security of all. Anybody involved in organizing activities in the their region must conform to this. We are working to define a formal structure and governance, stay tuned for details.

It requires time, commitment, and patience to run a local chapter. But trust each one of us, it is very rewarding!

Look at workshops delivered at different chapters:

Any questions, send email to devoxx4kids-us-leads group.