Minecraft Modding

Goal: Minecraft is a multiplayer game about placing blocks in a 3-D environment, includes modifications (known as “mods”) written in Java that can alter the game. The attendees learn how to create a variety of Minecraft mods using Forge and Bukkit. The workshop will also talk about hosting Bukkit servers.

With Forge, the following mods are typically created:

  • Bigger TNT explosions
  • Zombie drop diamonds
  • Change say, hurt, and death sounds of different entities
  • Snow golems make ice
  • New smelting recipe
  • Furnace cooking faster
  • New crafting recipe
  • Making pigs fly

With Bukkit, the following mods are typically created:

  • New command: spawn NN flaming pigs where you are, on fire for 30 secs, die afterwards
  • When an entity dies by fire, lightning will strike
  • Place TNT, put leaves on it, replaces it with a creeper
  • Teleport all the players to your existing location
  • Create a tower of different materials where ever the player is
  • Zombies drop bones and rotten flesh when killed
  • Add a new crafting recipe
  • If a sponge is powered then it absorbs water
  • Hit the ground with a golden shovel, it creates a little house

Depending upon the time, we may do show-and-tell.

Duration: Can be customized from 3-7 hrs

Age group: 9+ years

Expenses: Optional donation to Devoxx4Kids USA


  • Facility to accommodate the workshop.
  • Classroom style seating, round table work too.
  • Project for the presenter.
  • Power cords for presenter and attendees.
  • Each attendee must have a laptop – only Windows or Mac.
  • No prior programming experience is required for the attendees.
  • Attendees should know how to type and copy/paste across different files.
  • No Internet connection is required for the Forge workshop, but is required for Bukkit workshop. Make sure the required software (mentioned below) is downloaded otherwise it’ll be a bandwidth/time hog.


For Forge

Follow the video below for detailed download/setup instructions:

And follow the tutorial:

For Bukkit

  • Download JDK 8 and install (older versions will work)
  • Download NetBeans “Java SE” version from netbeans.org and install
  • Create a new directory and download CraftBukkit Server 1.7.2-R0.3 there.
    • Optionally start server as: java -jar craftbukkit-1.7.2-R0.3.jar
  • Create a new directory and download Bukkit Template
  • Make sure you have a Minecraft paid acccount


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