Devoxx4Kids USA cannot be successful without wonderful volunteers like you. Make sure to read Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Event based

These opportunities occur per event as described at meetup.com/Devoxx4Kids-BayArea/. You are encourage to join the meetup and find out about upcoming workshop, or join devoxx4kids-volunteers group.

  • Creating the meetup registration page (1)
  • Identifying and reserving the facility for hosting workshop (1)
  • On the day of
    • Registration of attendees (2)
    • Technical support with software installation etc (2)
    • Helping kids during workshop to follow the instructions (3-5)

On going

These opportunities are available based upon your time commitment.

  • Brand Ambassador: Spread the word about Devoxx4Kids in your friends, family, school. You can give a presentation about Devoxx4Kids, help us connect with your school’s Parent Teacher Association, send an email to your neighborhood to join the meetup.
  • Sponsorship: Help us drive corporate sponsorship program. This will require building a slide deck (we’ll provide all the content) and talk to corporate sponsors throughout Bay Area to generate sponsorships for Devoxx4Kids.
  • Underprivileged communities: One of the key goals of Devoxx4Kids USA is to serve the underprivileged communities. Help us engage with communities that serve underprivileged, and define a path will work with them to use our content.
  • Schools: Build relationship with local school districts. This will require reaching out to School Principals, STEM Teachers, Parents Teacher Association, County Office of Education, and other channels to share our content.
  • Young instructors: If you’ve public speaking experience, then groom other kids to be a D4K instructor. This will help boost their morale and confidence.
  • Website: Help us maintain website.
  • Recruit more volunteers