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Minecon 2015 Wrapup (Jul 2015)

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Devoxx4Kids at JavaOne 2014 Wrapup (Sep 2014)

Minecraft Modding at Pivotal, May 31, 2014

From my son – “The course was very simple and easy, I learned a lot. I’d recommend it to a beginner.”

the kids really loved it!

Great meetup! Instructor was awesome. Lots of snacks at Pivotal. Kids had a great time.

Thank you so much for Arun, Tamao and Kevin for hosting a such wonderful event. My son is still talking about that he learned how to create big TNT , diamonds and etc and asked me when will be next workshop. Arun is a great speaker for kids. There were more then 50 kids. This was not an easy job, but His dynamic style engaged every kid. Thank you for Pivotal lab to share the fabulous space, and the snack bar was a huge hit. 🙂

The class inspired my son to teach a mini class that afternoon to his Minecraft buddies

Fantastic – bordering on magic

It was great to see so many girls (at least 8 or 9 that I could see) and wonderful to meet Arun and Tamao. Thank you very much to Pivotal Labs for hosting. We look very forward to more workshops.

My son said it was the greatest day of his life. No joke. Thank you to Arun and his volunteer team. Outstanding.

Signed up for my husband to bring our son and nephew, and all 3 said it was such a fun and cool learning experience, and they’re definitely looking forward to more workshops. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

My son says, “It was great and fun!” Totally worth losing Saturday morning sleep for!

Python at Hackerdojo, March 15, 2014

That was my daughter’s first Python (programming) class, she enjoyed it and was able to contribute, which also means the teacher was able to convey the message. Thanks Dave, looking forward to the next Python class

Teacher was awesome, the class was awesome!

Nice environment and learning experience, excellent for beginners.

Minecraft Modding at Hackerdojo, Jan 19, 2014

Great intro to Moding. My gauge was whether my kids were eager to do more of it once we got home and that was truly the case. Good job ! Well coordinated and a good overview.

Great event. Best Minecraft Modding session yet!

It was great. Sid enjoyed it. He wants to learn java after this session

Lots of activity, lots of fun for all the kids.

Great intro to Moding. My gauge was whether my kids were eager to do more of it once we got home and that was truly the case. Good job ! Well coordinated and a good overview.

Hacker Dojo is an incredible centre where youngsters can learn hackathon for free or norminal fee (for a reason). That was where Christopher Chin learned Java programming-cum-minecraft last weekend. He was a little upset in the beginning because he thought he was there to play only. Ultimately he was happy because he learned how to modify the mods. I thanked the organisers profusely as the Code Camp and time spent (knowledge gained in a short time) were priceless to us. The environment was conducive so much so that he learned quite rapidly and hit him well. This is in comparison to what he had learned Scratch twice and other programming lessons, and did not hit him well. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Arun Gupta, Ms. Vivian Tan and Mr. Kevin Nilson.


Minecraft Modding at Nueva School, Hillsborough, Jan 18, 2014

A hearty thank you for coming by Nueva earlier today to get 40+ kids on the road to Java programming!  The excitement you’ve been able to generate has been remarkable based on the # of demos and the follow-up conversations between the children afterwards.


Everett Middle School, San Francisco, Jan 4, 2014

Thanks again to you and your son for the inspiring minecraft workshop that was run earlier this Month at Everett Middle School. I see many of the kids at Everett working on mods during after school.


Internet of Things Workshop, Hackerdojo, Mountain View Dec 28 2013

The session was superb – had a great impact on my middle school kid – she could connect the impact of her writing a few lines on code, and see it turn on sensors & LED light. Tthat got her quite interested in the subject…. Thanks to Arun, Vilinius & Yara, and all who volunteered & helped! Looked forward to more such events in 2014!

Thank you so much for your time and for providing a space for our kids to learn about computing!!!! It is so exciting for them when they have peers and wonderful mentors around. We really appreciate everything!!!!

Really got the kids excited about what they can do with small computers. Exciting presentation and fun activities.

Thanks to Arun and the rest of the team and organizers. This was a great learning event.

Very well organized event. Very good introduction to Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Fabulous workshop!! Especially the Minecraft mod signal “More!” 🙂

At venue, it is crowded with exicited young kids ready to learn to program and parent happy for them to be engage in computer science activities! Awesome event Arun!! I very much look forward to hosting similar events in Santa Clara in 2014 with your org!


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