Bringing Devoxx4Kids to Chicago

We all know that being a technologist requires you to be a passionate and continuous learner. For many of us this started when we were kids with an initial spark that drew us into working with hardware and software. Now many of us have our own kids and much of our focus has changed to figuring out how to help them find a spark of their own.

I’m excited to announce that a group of Chicago technologist have been working with an organization called Devoxx4Kids [1] to bring an event to create such a spark in Chicagoland. We have created a new meetup [2] and have our first event planned for May 3rd at Loyola University in Chicago. The Tech Fun Field Day [3] will feature labs that will cover a broad range of age groups (6 – 18 yrs). Kids will build circuits out of playdoh, learn the building blocks of programming on Scratch, tinker with robotics with Lego Mindstorm, and hack Minecraft with Java. I’m very excited to part of a team that is bringing this organization to Chicagoland.

We expect to have registration open sometime this month so we’re asking interested parents like you to Save the Date! Sign up for Devoxx4Kids Chicagoland today to stay informed on the Tech Fun Field Day as well as future events. I’m expecting big things from this group and I’m excited to see it develop!

– Bob Paulin, CJUG President and Devoxx4Kids Chicagoland Organizer