How to open a new Devoxx4Kids USA chapter ? 2

So you heard about Devoxx4Kids ? And now want to open a local chapter ?

Devoxx4Kids is an effort that promotes computer programming, robotics, and engineering to kids in a fun and engaging way. This is achieved by organizing hands-on workshops and seminars on topics that would inspire the kids to stay engaged in computer science. We started San Francisco Bay Area chapter in Dec 2013 and have organized a few workshops already. You can find the details about past/upcoming workshops <here>.

In the USA, Devoxx4Kids is a registered Non Profit Organization and submitting paper work for 501c(3) soon. Some of you asked on how to open a local chapter in your city and this blog will try to provide some details on that.

  • Venue: First of all you need to identify a venue where these workshops and lectures can be conducted. Typically these are done on weekend so using a conference room in an office would be tricky. Hackerdojo helps startups companies to bootstrap and have a big facility in Silicon Valley. We were fortunate to get connected with them and they’ve been wonderful hosts so far. Being a NPO allows you to tap into libraries, community colleges, and schools as well.
  • Instructors: There is plenty of material available from Scratch, Greenfoot, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Minecraft modding, and lot more. You need to identify who in your local community is interested/able to talk/teach any/all of it. Typically, its lot of fun and easy to get the kids started. But identifying local instructors would be key. You can also refer to the Parleys channel for lot of information.
  • Event hosting: We host our events at This allows to build a community where they can learn about past and upcoming events. You’ll need to figure out something similar for your local chapter as well. Eventbrite is another option. I personally like meetup, even though you’ve to pay $72/6 months, because it provides an archive of the events at a single place, connection through different social networks, feedback, etc.
  • Funding/Sponsors: Be willing to spend some of your own $$ for this good cause. However its always good to reach out to local companies and see if they are willing to sponsor an event – could be just snacks, schwag, hosting, or even $$. We are in the final stages of completing 501c(3) paper work and so all their donation will be tax deductible as well. Talk to us if you are able to secure funding and would like to direct it to the account.
  • Website is still under construction but we can add a new chapter for your city over there. This would become your landing page.
  • Social media: Make sure to take lots of pictures, use #Devoxx4Kids, promote @Devoxx4KidsUSA,, G+ community. Let us know and we’ll help you promote the workshop. Blog after the event about your impressions.

Drop a comment on this page if you are interested in opening a chapter.

Believe me, its lot of fun and very inspiring!

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  • Dina Rabiner

    I am interested in starting a Devoxx site in Brooklyn NY.
    Please let me know how to get started. If this is already in the works, perhaps you could direct me to the organizers.

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